About the Program’s Creators

Colleen Striegel

Colleen Striegel has built a successful career in the advertising and media industries on a degree in fine arts from Washington State University. She has supplemented her career credentials by taking advantage of specialized educational and professional training forums.

As a director and president of Professional Resources Options, Inc., a career-development organization, she was instrumental in producing an annual business conference dealing with professional, business and personal growth. The conference brought her in contact with nationally recognized trainers, authors and professionals, including Jennifer James.

As Creative Director for a Northwest advertising agency, Striegel’s campaigns earned Gold Awards from the Spokane chapter of the American Advertising Federation and from Fox River Paper Company. As advertising promotion manager for The Spokesman-Review, the daily newspaper in Spokane, Washington, Striegel developed award-winning newspaper advertising campaigns and supervised the company’s Creative Services department. In 1994 she was named area business manager for New Media Ventures, Inc., a newly-created Cowles’ subsidiary. Ms. Striegel serves on New Media’s acquisition team and has developed the company’s audio information service, electronic bulletin boards, private delivery services, regional book publishing and niche-market publishing operations.

Striegel is co-author, with Shaun Higgins and Garry Apgar, of the 1997 book The Newspaper in Art, and her professional articles have appeared in Ideas and Campaigns & Elections magazines. As a trustee of numerous non-profit and professional organizations, she has played major roles in hiring executive directors, selecting financial management advisors, and developing capital works projects. Striegel is a former trustee of the International Newspaper Marketing Association and served on the Political Advertising Task Force of the Newspaper Association of America. She has addressed media and professional women’s organizations on topics dealing with audio information services, politics, management, and creativity.

Not only was Striegel the first graduate of the Management Goes to the Movies™ program, but she is also credited with co-authoring with Shaun Higgins the two “movies” books listed below:

Her books include:

  • Movies For Business, published in February 2003 by New Media Ventures, Inc., and available in paperback. Shaun Higgins and Striegel co-authored this book containing “Big-Screen Lessons in Corporate Vision, Entrepreneurship, Logistics And Ethics,” along with special contributions from James Lessersohn and Nora Lessersohn for the study guide on the movie One, Two, Three. The book examines five of the Management Goes to the Movies ™ films featured on this Web site.
  • Movies For Leaders, published in November 1999 by New Media Ventures, Inc., enjoyed a second printing in 2003 and is currently available in paperback. This book was the first in the Management Goes to the Movies ™ series created by Higgins and Colleen Striegel, and it contains “Management Lessons from Four All-Time Great Films,” which are featured on this Web site.