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Imagine yourself as a 13-year-old boy who wakes up one morning in a 30-something body. Suddenly you have to deal with the world as an adult, which means you have to find some way to support yourself. You’re a smart kid and play to your strengths, eventually landing a job in the computer department of a toy manufacturing company. You wind up thriving in this environment because you have an asset the real adults around you lack: you can think like the company’s customers. Tom Hanks stars in this charming film which is filled with business lessons that focus on…(click title for more info) More

Citizen Kane

Charles Foster Kane (William Randolph Hearst, if you will) knew how to make a small fortune: he started with a large one. He left just enough behind at the end of his career so that level-headed controllers could manage his company back to prosperity and eventually create one of America’s most wealthy private companies. Kane never pretended to be a businessman, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t a great manager. He managed his money (all inherited) to his own ends, and much to the consternation of his traditional associates. When, for example, Kane is told that one of his newspapers…(click title for more info) More


Business is terrific! You and your partners have been making tidy profits from traditional operations and you foresee the situation continuing. You’ve been dealing with routine challenges and problem solving. Then you get a big idea, a vision: an idea so big it will revolutionize your industry. You know it will work. Everything – your experience, your sense of the market, your intuition – tells you it will work. Your partners, however, just don’t get it. They are conservative investors and expect immediate returns on their investments. You don’t focus on the money…(click title for more info) More

Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross

You’re having a tough month. Orders have dried up and you’re overdrawn on your commission. You know there are some great leads out there, but the sales manager won’t release them to you until you’ve worked the current lists – filled with dead prospects – to exhaustion. You need some help, but your colleagues on the sales staff…(click title for more info) More

Gung Ho

In an increasingly global economy Japanese cars are manufactured in America, American cars in Japan, and parts for both in each. Regardless of the relations existing between any two nations at any one time, the success of international partnerships may depend on a mutual understanding and respect for diversity of history, culture, language and business practices. In Gung Ho, a Japanese automaker moves into an abandoned factory in a down-on-its-heels Midwestern town. Both the automaker and the town’s newly re-employed autoworkers have an interest…(click title for more info) More

High Noon

It hasn’t been a business-as-usual day. You got married, announced your retirement and learned that an old “gun-slinger” rival is coming after your company because he wants to get back at you for fouling up his career. It’s going to be an event-filled 24 hours, but you start out confidant you can get through. After all, this is your company! You’ve built it up, protected its people, and helped it get and keep on its feet. Now, surely, you can count on the employees to help you out. Whoops! Wrong assumption. This company seems to be an ESOP. Those friendly employees are…(click title for more info) More