Logistics & Line Management


Business is terrific! You and your partners have been making tidy profits from traditional operations and you foresee the situation continuing. You’ve been dealing with routine challenges and problem solving. Then you get a big idea, a vision: an idea so big it will revolutionize your industry. You know it will work. Everything – your experience, your sense of the market, your intuition – tells you it will work. Your partners, however, just don’t get it. They are conservative investors and expect immediate returns on their investments. You don’t focus on the money…(click title for more info) More

Gung Ho

In an increasingly global economy Japanese cars are manufactured in America, American cars in Japan, and parts for both in each. Regardless of the relations existing between any two nations at any one time, the success of international partnerships may depend on a mutual understanding and respect for diversity of history, culture, language and business practices. In Gung Ho, a Japanese automaker moves into an abandoned factory in a down-on-its-heels Midwestern town. Both the automaker and the town’s newly re-employed autoworkers have an interest…(click title for more info) More



The defense of Rorke’s Drift, Natal, during The Zulu War is one of the most famous battles in British military history. In late January 1879, British forces at Isandhlwana suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the Zulus. Buoyed by their victory and armed with rifles seized…(click title for more info) More