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Door to Door

door-to door

Despite his severe cerebral palsy, Bill Porter beat all of the odds by building a thriving inspirational career selling door to door in Portland, Oregon for J.R. Watkins, a Minnesota-based manufacturer of health remedies, baking products, personal care and household items. The company was started in 1868 by J.R. Watkins, who created and sold an all-natural liniment. The company grew its product line and its sales force and was one of the original door to door sales companies. “The Watkins Man” became synonymous with delivery of all-natural soaps, cleaners, health-care products, spices and extracts, and their original Red Liniment. (Click movie title for more info…)

The Devil Wears Prada


Imagine you’ve just landed a job at the world’s most influential fashion magazine. You are second assistant to its editor-in-chief, arguably the most important person in the global fashion industry. It is a job “a million girls would die for” but you may not keep it for long because your hard-driving boss sometimes has insanely sky-high expectations, and people who fall short of them don’t last long. How do you survive? And, what can you learn from this powerful and monomaniacal dictator? (Click movie title for more info…)

Mildred Pierce


The American business climate has changed. There is a general economic downtown: high unemployment with few apparent job opportunities, large corporations contracting their businesses, sending jobs overseas; people have stopped buying products and services because they have less disposable income and don’t see a need for any product currently available. What the economy needs is an injection of innovative thinking and new products. You or your company have a great idea but aren’t sure of the steps involved to get started. You see this current market crisis …(click title for more info)

The Big Kahuna


So, your boss is sending you to Wichita, Kansas, for a two-day convention. It sounds like fun. You’ll be working the booth during the day and staffing a small reception in the evening. Now what?

Tradeshows and conventions are a lot of work and require a lot of planning and preparation. Larry, Phil, and Bob could have…(click title for more info)

One, Two, Three


Set in Berlin during the summer of 1960, One, Two, Three is an incisive, fast-paced satire – a Cold War clash of capitalism and communism in the months before the construction of the Berlin Wall. Deceptively light-hearted in tone, the film contains surprisingly serious…(click title for more info)

Twelve O’Clock High


Balancing the interests of the company you work for with the interests of the people who work for you can be one of the toughest jobs you’ll deal with as a manager. Being too distant from those you supervise can cost you their commitment and loyalty; being too close can lead you into the traps of overprotecting employees, reduced productivity and conflicts of interests between employee interests…(click title for more info)

Moby Dick


Your boss is nuts!

He’s started using company resources to achieve a personal goal. He has managed to hypnotize the whole staff (except you, of course) into following his lead. He’s offered them big rewards and exacted pledges of loyalty! Why do the owners put up with this? …(click title for more info)



Your business is going well. You and your partners have earned a tidy profit from a traditional business for many years, and you see nothing that signals change. Engaged in the normal routine of challenges and problem solving, one day you have an idea so different that it will revolutionize the…(click title for more info)

Executive Suite


At the Walling home, Mary awakes in the middle of the night to find her husband working at his drawing board. They talk. Walling explains that Grimm will be elected the company’s new president. He and Anderson have talked it through. They are sure they can get the votes and that Grimm will accept. Mary asks if the choice of company president should be made by the stockholders. “The stockholders made their decision with then elected the board of directors,” Walling explains. . .Walling tells her Alderson wanted him to go for the presidency, but he turned it down. He tells Mary that he doesn’t want to “die young at the top of a tower worrying about bond issues and stockholder’s meetings. . .that’s not what I came here for. . .I’m a designer, not a politician. . .I think.” Mary agrees with him.



The defense of Rorke’s Drift, Natal, during The Zulu War is one of the most famous battles in British military history. In late January 1879, British forces at Isandhlwana suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the Zulus. Buoyed by their victory and armed with rifles seized…(click title for more info)