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Roger & Me


Imagine that you have just handed pink slips to 30,000 workers in one of your company’s oldest factory towns. You have plans to lay off even more. The unions are in an uproar, the town fathers are panicked, the media are barraging you with criticism and a powerful stockholder is questioning …(click title for more info)

Working Girl

You work hard for your money but you know you are underemployed. You’re still stuck in the clerical track, despite the hours you’ve spent earning a business degree in night school. The people you work for demean you by viewing you as “only an assistant” and add insult to injury by treating you as a sex object. Fed up, you quit, hoping to find a better opportunity with a firm that will appreciate you for your talents and your drive. You need to find an employer who will treat you and your ideas with respect; one that will give you an opportunity to break out of the clerical ghetto, through the glass ceiling and into the life you…(click title for more info)

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead


Where do the great ideas come from? How does a company stay in touch with its markets and with changes in the marketplace? How does a senior manager identify the brightest, most creative and hardworking talent on his or her staff? What are the relative roles of analytical and intuitive knowledge in shaping and expanding product lines or spotting compatible acquisitions. In Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead, teenagers find themselves having to survive in the business world and quickly learn to thrive in it…(click title for more info)



MInute by minute, Hoosiers offers managers great lessons in style, practice, and principle that can be adapted to a broad range of business situations. In addition, Hoosiers offers inspiration. It’s a movie to watch when our team is in the doldrums, facing overwhelming odds against success, or when you, as team leader, are facing moments of self-doubt. Yes, it’s predictable; we know the Huskers will win; we know Ollie will make that free throw; we know Jimmy will make the final shot in the championship game; and we know for sure that before the credits roll, Coach Dale and Myra will be an item. It’s all as corny as an Indiana August, and yet, it’s done so well that it transcends its predictability. The acting is extraordinary, the photography stunning and Jerry Goldsmith’s soundtrack should on every manager’s music playlist. Listening to it, one hears the pounding of the basketballs, smells the crisp air of late autumn, and knows that whatever project is at hand, success lies ahead.

The Bridge on the River Kwai


David Lean’s classic 1957 film The Bridge on the River Kwai is rife with ambiguities. Two army colonels – one a captive British engineer, the other a rigid Japanese prison camp commandant – match wills while attempting to carry out their orders, obey the rules of their respective military cultures…(click title for more info)

Wall Street


Director Oliver Stone dedicated this 1987 film dealing with Wall Street greed and redemption to his father, himself a stockbroker. In the movie, a bright young broker falls under the spell of a master market manipulator, the unscrupulous Gordon Gekko. Don’t expect fairness or balance in Stone’s film…(click title for more info)

Tucker: The Man and His Dream


So you want to be an entrepreneur? Get ready for long hours, cash-flow problems, supply shortages, the loss of your friends and, possibly, your family. Prepare to have your idea copied, your business practices imitated and your nights robbed of sleep. Key employees…(click title for more info)

The Story of Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell, the Scots-born inventor of the telephone, ranks with Thomas Edison as one of the most creative minds of all time. Bell’s life and researches illustrate the synergistic qualities required to connect seemingly unrelated scientific concepts and link them to produce technologies that change the world. Like Edison, with whom he competed for patents on several ideas, Bell had a keen sense of business which served him well not only in getting his ideas launched in the marketplace, but also in protecting them from encroachment…(click title for more info)

The Wizard of Oz


You’ve probably seen The Wizard of Oz a gazillion times. (If you haven’t, what planet are you from?) The American Film Institute rated Oz the sixth-best film ever made. We think it’s also one of the Top 10 leadership training films of all time, a fact recognized years ago by Lou Tice, one of the nation’s top corporate…(click title for more info)