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The Devil Wears Prada


Imagine you’ve just landed a job at the world’s most influential fashion magazine. You are second assistant to its editor-in-chief, arguably the most important person in the global fashion industry. It is a job “a million girls would die for” but you may not keep it for long because your hard-driving boss sometimes has insanely sky-high expectations, and people who fall short of them don’t last long. How do you survive? And, what can you learn from this powerful and monomaniacal dictator? (Click movie title for more info…)

Moby Dick


Your boss is nuts!

He’s started using company resources to achieve a personal goal. He has managed to hypnotize the whole staff (except you, of course) into following his lead. He’s offered them big rewards and exacted pledges of loyalty! Why do the owners put up with this? …(click title for more info)

Roger & Me


Imagine that you have just handed pink slips to 30,000 workers in one of your company’s oldest factory towns. You have plans to lay off even more. The unions are in an uproar, the town fathers are panicked, the media are barraging you with criticism and a powerful stockholder is questioning …(click title for more info)

Working Girl

You work hard for your money but you know you are underemployed. You’re still stuck in the clerical track, despite the hours you’ve spent earning a business degree in night school. The people you work for demean you by viewing you as “only an assistant” and add insult to injury by treating you as a sex object. Fed up, you quit, hoping to find a better opportunity with a firm that will appreciate you for your talents and your drive. You need to find an employer who will treat you and your ideas with respect; one that will give you an opportunity to break out of the clerical ghetto, through the glass ceiling and into the life you…(click title for more info)

Other People’s Money


The word “takeover” strikes fear in the hearts of entrenched managers and the employees who work for them. It also holds forth the carrot of immediate, large returns for shareholders in targeted companies. . Often the media (and the movies) champion the cause of the targeted company…(click title for more info)