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One, Two, Three


Set in Berlin during the summer of 1960, One, Two, Three is an incisive, fast-paced satire – a Cold War clash of capitalism and communism in the months before the construction of the Berlin Wall. Deceptively light-hearted in tone, the film contains surprisingly serious…(click title for more info)

Twelve O’Clock High


Balancing the interests of the company you work for with the interests of the people who work for you can be one of the toughest jobs you’ll deal with as a manager. Being too distant from those you supervise can cost you their commitment and loyalty; being too close can lead you into the traps of overprotecting employees, reduced productivity and conflicts of interests between employee interests…(click title for more info)

Moby Dick


Your boss is nuts!

He’s started using company resources to achieve a personal goal. He has managed to hypnotize the whole staff (except you, of course) into following his lead. He’s offered them big rewards and exacted pledges of loyalty! Why do the owners put up with this? …(click title for more info)



Your business is going well. You and your partners have earned a tidy profit from a traditional business for many years, and you see nothing that signals change. Engaged in the normal routine of challenges and problem solving, one day you have an idea so different that it will revolutionize the…(click title for more info)

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Other People’s Money


The word “takeover” strikes fear in the hearts of entrenched managers and the employees who work for them. It also holds forth the carrot of immediate, large returns for shareholders in targeted companies. . Often the media (and the movies) champion the cause of the targeted company…(click title for more info)

The Efficiency Expert


The Efficiency Expert is set in Australia in the 1960s. The movie works on several levels: as a coming of age story about a young worker, the getting of wisdom by an industrial patriarch, the getting of different wisdom by a hard-nosed consultant. While these elements add to the overall…(click title for more info)

The Godfather, Parts I & II

This segment explores the role of business in a society and looks at the standards by which business performance should be judged. Classic theory holds that the first responsibility of any firm is to produce wealth for its stockholders, maximizing profit by charging as much as the market will bear while producing goods and services at the lowest possible cost. A number of intangible factors may affect a company’s ability to sell its products. For example, a corporate image of excessive greed or unfair labor practices may lead to consumer boycotts…(click title for more info)

Tin Men


Baltimore,1963. You’re an aluminum siding salesman, a tin man. You live by your wits, your smile and your shoeshine. Sales are getting harder to come by. State regulators are cracking down on the hard sell – pressure sales that are your stock in trade. On top of that…(click title for more info)