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Door to Door

door-to door

Despite his severe cerebral palsy, Bill Porter beat all of the odds by building a thriving inspirational career selling door to door in Portland, Oregon for J.R. Watkins, a Minnesota-based manufacturer of health remedies, baking products, personal care and household items. The company was started in 1868 by J.R. Watkins, who created and sold an all-natural liniment. The company grew its product line and its sales force and was one of the original door to door sales companies. “The Watkins Man” became synonymous with delivery of all-natural soaps, cleaners, health-care products, spices and extracts, and their original Red Liniment. (Click movie title for more info…)

The Big Kahuna


So, your boss is sending you to Wichita, Kansas, for a two-day convention. It sounds like fun. You’ll be working the booth during the day and staffing a small reception in the evening. Now what?

Tradeshows and conventions are a lot of work and require a lot of planning and preparation. Larry, Phil, and Bob could have…(click title for more info)

Tin Men


Baltimore,1963. You’re an aluminum siding salesman, a tin man. You live by your wits, your smile and your shoeshine. Sales are getting harder to come by. State regulators are cracking down on the hard sell – pressure sales that are your stock in trade. On top of that…(click title for more info)

Glengarry Glen Ross


You’re having a tough month. Orders have dried up and you’re overdrawn on your commission. You know there are some great leads out there, but the sales manager won’t release them to you until you’ve worked the current lists – filled with dead prospects – to exhaustion. You need some help, but your colleagues on the sales staff…(click title for more info)


Imagine yourself as a 13-year-old boy who wakes up one morning in a 30-something body. Suddenly you have to deal with the world as an adult, which means you have to find some way to support yourself. You’re a smart kid and play to your strengths, eventually landing a job in the computer department of a toy manufacturing company. You wind up thriving in this environment because you have an asset the real adults around you lack: you can think like the company’s customers. Tom Hanks stars in this charming film which is filled with business lessons that focus on…(click title for more info)